Tips on how to rank your blog or website

Original Articles or Blog Posts is a good source to increase your page rank. Google now can detect if the article is duplicated and it will make your blog rank down. Update your blog now and then by unique article will refresh and make your site index by the search engine.

Another source of making your web site rank is the backlink. Backlink is when other blog or site will link to your site. One way to get backlinks is to add your URL sites to directories. There are many free and paid directory sites. This is a basic backlinking method. Other way of backlink is to bookmark your url in social bookmarking sites. When you bookmark your post it will automatically give a back link to your site.

Research and continues discovering new way off adding backlinks this will also help you gain more backling. Don’t just be contented of what you did today but make sure you need to add a link daily to your site or blog. Using your original content you can improvise or rewrite them and put a link to the original page source to your link will also help promote your main site. Using of article directories is also a way to get visit to your site and this visit will weight your site and give source of rank. Think that google now is not only focusing on the links but also the visits.

The last source is put a sitemap to your Website to easily locate the structure or your site.

Some SEO Ideas

Although technically not SEO, Social Media is such a growing factor in getting your web site noticed, that it’s an important element to include in your plan.

Social media ranges from social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and many more. There is a lot of relationship building involved, but as you build your own networks and build quality content on your web site or blog, you’ll see traffic to your web site increasing, as well.

As with any relationship, it is a give and take. Don’t just expect to join a site like Twitter for the pure sake of pushing your content. That just won’t fly — your true intentions will stick out like a sore thumb and do nothing but turn people off.

Even if you are on the site purely for networking reasons, the key is to make friends. Help out members of your network if they ask for a “retweet” or Digg, give helpful advice if asked, etc. You’ll see the same in return.

If you write a great post and have built meaningful relationships with peers in your niche, you’ll often find that friends will submit your posts and give you votes on the social bookmarking sites. The more votes you receive, the more likely your post is to be noticed by others and shared around, often resulting in additional link backs from other blogs, etc.

This are just a couple techniques that you can apply on your site to build a link strong.

Optimize your website via BING SE

How can you optimize your website for Bing?

Google and Bing have very similar ranking algorithms. Although the algorithms are similar, the results returned by Google and Bing are often very different.

To optimize your website for Bing, analyze your website with SEO fanatic . Here are some general tips:

1. If a page of your website already has high rankings for some keywords, do not optimize the same page for another keyword.

2. Optimize different pages of your website for different keywords and different search engines.

3. Optimize as many pages of your website as possible to get the best possible rankings.

Yahoo and Bing have created a powerful second player by combining forces. Don't ignore the possibilities that this offers to your business. Search terms that are very difficult on Google might be easier on Yahoo/Bing.

Simple SEO Techniques For Your Website

Getting your website to the top of the search engine results is most probably your priority especially if you have plans on monetizing it. Because we all know that the closer you get to the number spot in the organic results, there will be more people visiting your website. And the key here is in doing the right SEO techniques that can give your site the boost it needs. Successful internet marketers have been practicing them for many years and they have been continuously ranking their websites with these processes. It is important that you focus on one strategy or technique here and lay down your plans on how you can best manage to do it within as little time as possible and with little expense as you can. Of course it does not go without saying that there will be a few expenses you will be making along the way, but keeping them to a minimum would certainly be best for you.

Do not forget about your tags. The tags concerned here are the title tags, the heading tags, the image alt tags, and the meta tags. The most important of them all is the title tag or the title of your web page. These help in determining what topic you are dealing with within your web copy. The image alt tags are meant for people who cannot view the images themselves and so they rely on the alt tags to describe what is being shown in that image. And lastly the meta tags which are still debated today if they are still important. Next is link building which is by itself the most important aspect of your SEO campaign and among your SEO techniques. It is also very broad that it actually requires a separate article to fully understand the various link building techniques that you can do. But the gist is that you should link only to trusted websites and that you must get links from such websites as well. You get the idea.

And lastly, learn about SEO copywriting but more importantly, create content on your website that deals with just one general topic. Preferably with your major keyword. All the content of your web pages must be relevant to your overall theme or topic or niche, whichever you prefer to call it.

Staying focus is the key to your SEO success and remember that it does not happen overnight. But what is important is that you stay focus and do each of these methods the right way, meaning the white hat SEO way and never spam people and their websites.

PPC Campaign

It is sometimes referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, because most search ads are sold on a CPC / PPC basis.

Some people also refer to paid search as SEM, through here at Search Engine Land, we consider SEM (search engine marketing) to be an umbrella term that encompasses both paid search and SEO (search engine optimization).

Advice For Newbies

New to paid search ads? Don't worry! Search Engine Land has the perfect series for you: PPC Academy. This special column began in 2010 and provides a different installment each week to bring you up to speed on paid search.

Another starting place is Google's "Insider's Guide To AdWords," which you'll find here in PDF format. AdWords is by many measures the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers, so the guide offers a useful introduction.

Of course, there's much more to paid search than what's covered in Google's guide. Here's our review of some newer books: A Roundup Of Best Search Advertising Books.

Effective On-line Marketing Plan

If you have a business and has a website, you need to know about the most effective on-line marketing techniques currently being used. Many businesses waste precious time and money on marketing tactics that have not been proven to work. This can cause problems for smaller businesses that do not have extra funds to devote to an on-line advertising budget.

Despite all this focus on effective on-line marketing tactics, remember that the visitor should always be your main consideration when designing a new site. Make your site easy to use and easy to buy from, and you will win a loyal following. Simple, straightforward sites perform best all around. Clearly labeled navigation, informative page content, secure on-line purchasing and ease of ordering are some key elements to a successful website. Make sure every page will load on a standard, smaller sized monitor (800 x 600 is a good size for testing) and does not require a high speed connection or additional sound and video features.

Overhaul your home page to make it as simple and easy-to-use as possible. You want to make a good impression on your visitor right away so they do not click the back button. Give them a brief text summary of your company, your website, and your products/services. Two or three paragraphs is plenty; save the detail for the inner pages. Don't use a form for your landing page. Forms have very little text, so they do nothing to help your rankings. In general, they do not convert well to sales either. You can still use a form somewhere on your index page, but make sure it is surrounded by several paragraphs of keyword-optimized content.

Sites with more content will rank higher in the search engines. Make sure your site has at least 5 pages of original text that is not published anywhere else. Include standard pages like "About Us" and "Testimonials" to add professionalism to your site. Always include a site map so you can be sure the search engine spiders can find every page. This also makes it easier for your visitors to find specific pages. Always use keyword-rich text links for navigation. Avoid generic links like "contact us" or "FAQ."

Make sure all of the basic SEO elements are present on your pages, such as title, description, and header tags. Keep them simple and brief. The search engines that still use them have character limits, and also have strict spam rules, so don't use a keyword more than once. Be as specific as possible when choosing keywords for your tags. For example, "auto repair" is very generic. Do not use any questionable or "black hat" SEO tactics that may get your site banned from the search engines completely. Avoid anything "tricky" like hidden text, pages of irrelevant links, or spamming your site in any way. Do not ever use frames in your site. This was a technique had been popular in the past, but it is now discredited by the search engines and is not a part of any effective on-line marketing plan.

SEO Expert

Search engine optimization expert services use a lot of strategies in order to make a website a successful one. If you are in search of a professional search engine optimization service, you can look at the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. All you have to do is type the specific keyword you desire, and then open the few websites that are on the top rank and view the search engine optimization person that made them on the top rank of the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is definitely the most powerful form of Internet Marketing in recent years and is bound to increase in the coming few years. Many Outsourcing services have now emerged from countries like UK, CANADA, and India providing cost effective Search Engine Optimization Services. Internet marketing services in the form of Search Engine Optimization has helped to build several successful business portals online. Many successful software firms, travel agencies, and business services are becoming aware of the power of Search Engine Optimization services.

It has been proven that you can generate 60% of your traffic alone from search engines like Google and the remaining 40% from Yahoo and other search engines. I, an Search engine optimizer is emerging as a new era of Online Business science, which helps to generate more traffic, and more revenues from your already existing businesses. Search engine optimization is further categorized into two categories; organic search and PPC (Pay per Click). Organic Search engine optimization depends on the natural ranking of your web page; whereas PPC is paid services offered for companies who want to kick start their business from day one without going through the labor of organic search engine optimization, which can be achieved only over a period of time.

Many Internet marketing services have emerged helping business owners to achieve top rankings on major search engines either through Organic Search or PPC. SEO expert services refer to insight into your website and how search engines see your website as well as how the people performing a search see your website. These services are the backbone of having your website optimized and it ensures that you will get maximum search engine coverage. To ensure that you get the best from your website you need to ensure that you use a SEO expert service with the skills and experience to make your website stand out from the competition and that it gets the maximum visibility that it deserves.

SEO services are recommended to ensure that your website is given the best possible chance of succeeding within the search engines. Also it is recommended that you use the help of a SEO service as they will be able to advise you on the designs to use on your site so not only will you have a website which will function well within the search engines but you will also have a site that looks good. Still not convinced? Then have a look around the Internet for yourself and you will soon see the benefits that SEO expert services can do for you.